Purpose and Mission

Mission Statement

We believe that within each of us, is the ability to heal and grow into our highest potential.

We believe that in order to do so, we must anchor into our deepest nature and truest selves…

We believe that in order to do so, we must anchor into community

We believe that in order to do so, we share our gifts, talents and wisdom with each other.

We believe that in order to do so, we lift our hands to help support and encourage our siblings/sisters.

We do this with a spirit of openness to the process, willingness to access the deepest, truest self, by sharing our wisdom with the community and developing a relationship of trust with our inner selves.

Meet the Creatrix and Host

Tere is a Cycle Alchemist.

She uses the wisdom of planets, plants, pussy and personal agency as her framework for living a deeply meaningful, connected existence.

She’s certified as an Holistic Reproductive Health Coach, Somatic Sex Educator, Astrologer, and spends most of her time as an organic farmer on Wyllie Fox Farm.

The Intentional Feminine was born in 2021, when Tere and a few other women that she sat in circle with saw the need for community to gather after the world went on pause in 2020.

The Intentional Feminine is a collection of local holistic health and wellness providers, practitioners, intuitive readers, workshop facilitators, healers, artists and makers who come together one a year on Wyllie Fox Farm, to celebrate and share their gifts.

A Note on Gender Identity and Inclusivity


We recognize and respect that not ALL people who are interested in this work are AFAB, or identify as women.

We welcome all who are interested in attending this event with respect, honor and inquiry about the feminine, which makes up a part of the broad spectrum of polarity.

You are welcome here.

We value transparency, in the sake of full disclosure, please be aware of the following:

-The work we do as The Intentional Feminine is based in womb wisdom.

-Many of the people who are interested in this work identify as women, and/or are assigned female at birth, and identify as such

-We use gender specific language at times, and will ALWAYS work towards using kinder, more inclusive language.

-We are ALWAYS open to hearing how we can do better, and be more welcoming to all on the gender spectrum.


-This is a safe space to celebrate and explore yourself, no matter where you are on the gender spectrum.

YOU are welcome here.

ALL OF YOU is welcome here.

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