Lifting Each Other Up is a Part of Our Mission….

Welcome to the Scholarship Fund.

Creating accessibility is a community effort.

While it’s always been a part of our mission to create assistance for folks who, due to financial or other reasons, might not be able to attend the event on their own….

We are now looking to our larger Intentional Feminine Sister/Siblinghood to help us in this mission.

For 2024, we are officially opening our Scholarship Fund, where donations received will go to help cover ticketing costs, create greater outreach to diverse communities, and  establish a ride share program in years to come!


Feeling called to help a Sister/Sibling make their way to the Event?

Hit the button below to make a donation TODAY!!!

How To Know If You Qualify for a

Need Based Scholarship…

Check out this graphic below to help you determine if a Scholarship is right for you!

Ready to Apply for a Scholarship?

Check out this great graphic above, and hit the button below to apply!

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